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I am a student and I logged out of my timed assignment in WileyPLUS. Am I able to get back into my timed assignment if I have not used all of the time allotted by my instructor?




Students who log out of a timed assignment in WileyPLUS cannot go back to resume the assignment even if they have yet to spend all the time allotted by the instructor.  If the student is unable to resume the assignment, then the instructor can use his/her discretion to reset access to the assignment via the gradebook.  Instructions to reset timed access are located here:  How to Reset Access to a Timed Assignment for Select Students in WileyPLUS


PLEASE NOTE:  Directions for Taking Timed WileyPLUS Quizzes


  • You must complete the timed quiz in one sitting. You can not log off and log back in later to complete a timed quiz like you do with your other WileyPLUS assignments.


  • If you try to click over to Read, Study, Practice while in a timed quiz, you will receive a warning message. If you continue to go to Read, Study, Practice after reading the warning message, you will be kicked out of your timed quiz and you will lose all access.


  • You may not login to another session (open a new browser and log into WileyPLUS there) during a timed quiz. Your original session will be terminated and you will lose all access.


  • The clock starts when you access a question in the quiz or click the next button to move on past the summary page.


  • You will have a timer button above your list of exercises in the quiz. Click the timer button and you will see how much time you have remaining.


EG       Start Time: 01:06 PM / Remaining: 89 min.


  • Do not forget to click the submit button once you have entered your answers to submit the answers to your instructor's gradebook. Please be patient while the page refreshes before clicking to go on to the next question. It may take some time to load/refresh.




The Assignment tab is you where go to assign work to be completed by your students. Assignments can be either scored questions or unscored tasks such as readings, animations or practice problems. Additionally, assignments can be comprised of preloaded Wiley-authored questions, readings, practice materials, resources or an instructor's own questions and resources.

Assignment Types

WileyPLUS supports three assignment types to choose from: Questions/Exercises, Readings/Resources and Survey.

  • Questions/Exercises are assignments that involve students answering questions that are graded and the score for the assignment is recorded in the gradebook.  This assignment type can also be assigned as an ungraded assignment.  

  • Readings/Resources are assignments that require the student to read or interact with one or more selected readings or resources from the online text or any other resource Wiley has provided or you may have uploaded. This might include a self-test or an animated tutorial.  Readings and Resource assignments record the student's progress in the gradebook as a percentage of the material accessed.  For example, if two sections of the online text are assigned as a Reading assignment and the student only accesses one of them, progress would be reported as 50% in the gradebook.  

  • Survey is an assignment that contains questions comprised of a problem statement followed by five preset choices the student selects from using radio buttons. This assignment type requires instructor analysis.

Find Assignments

Click the Assignment tab, and the Assignments page appears, where you can view all assignments available in your master course or class section. All courses are pre-loaded with a set of default assignments using a selection of available Wiley questions. However, none of these assignments are assigned. You can assign these assignments to your students or create your own assignments using Wiley questions, readings or resources or ones you add yourself.

To display the list of assignments available, select from the four available filters: 

  • Class section - This filter displays the assignments available to this class section.

  • Status - This filter displays assigned, not yet assigned, or all assignments (assigned or not assigned).

  • Chapter - Assignments are designated to one or more textbook chapters. This filter allows you to select assignments from one or more chapters.

  • Source - This filter displays the assignments you have created, those created by other instructors, Wiley default assignments, or all of the above.

All filters are multi-select which means that you can choose Chapters 1 and 3. To select multiple options, use the shift key to select consecutive entries and CTRL (COMMAND for the MAC) to select non-consecutive entries.

Once you have selected the filter criteria, press the Go button to display all assignments that meet your criteria.

Sort the Assignment List

After applying the filters you may still find that you have a large list of assignments. You can organize the assignment list by column heading by using the orange arrows. For example, clicking on the arrow next to the column heading 'Due Date' sorts the assignment list with the earliest assignment due date at the top, etc.

Preview Assignment

Preview assignments by clicking on the assignment name. This brings up a window that shows the assignment's details and policies. Use the navigation bar on the left to view the individual questions.

Assignment Properties

  1. View the properties for an assignment by choosing Properties from the Actions menu next to the assignment in the list and clicking Go.  The Assignment Properties screen appears.

  2. In the Assignment Properties screen view the Description, Question Policies and Question List as needed.

  3. Click Assign to Class Sections(s) to assign this assignment to a class section. The Assign to Class Section screen appears.

  4. In the Assign to Class Section screen, make selections and click Submit. The assignment is assigned to the class section(s) you chose and is synced to Blackboard.

Assignment Policies for Individual Students

  1. Instructors will be able to set or change assignment due date for an individual student.

  1. Instructors will be able to set or change the time available for an individual student in a timed assignment.

  2. Instructors can "reset" an assignment for an individual student. Resetting an assignment will clear all of the attempts and grades for the student, allowing them to re-start the assignment.

Assign an Assignment from the List

  1. To assign and assignment from the list, select Assign from the Actions drop-down menu next to the assignment, and click Go. The Assign to Class Section screen appears.

  2. In the Assign to Class Section screen, make selections and click Submit to assign the assignment. You are returned to the WileyPLUS Assignments page. Note that the assignment you just created appears in the list, and in the Status column, it shows 'Assigned" (assignments must be assigned to properly sync with Blackboard and appear in the Gradebook). Click Return to Blackboard at the top of the page, and the Blackboard Add WileyPLUS Assignments page appears.

  3. In the Add WileyPLUS Assignments page, select the check boxes for the assignments you want to add. Assignments that have already been added to the course appear with a check mark in the Deployed to Blackboard column

  4. Click Submit. The assignment(s) you selected appear in the Content page.

Copy and Edit Assignment

  1. To create an assignment based on one that is already included in your assignment list, select Copy & Edit from the Actions menu next to that assignment and click Go.  

  2. Copy & Edit follows the same five step process described in Create New Assignment and allows you to change the content in the fields, add/delete/move questions, add/change question assistance, and assign to your class.

See Create New Assignment for more information..



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