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I feel like i haven't finished all my commissions

If you've commissioned me and I haven't finished your commission, PLEASE pm me so i can appologise and give you like... an extra headshot or something

All aesthetic posts by Keihin-Tohoku https://www.instagram.com/tokyonieve/ with permission


#Kyragang was here

ur mom hands u a glass of orange juice. u take a sip. its not orange juice. its stirred egg yolks. u spit them all out. u ask ur mom why. she turns around. its not ur mom. its me. ur mom is gone. im ur mother now - A wise Tumblr account once blessed my dash with this

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If you're giving me art put #Kyraisfat

And if you're wanting me to look at your art put




Meanwhile, 47 minutes before december,




Kyra quote: I just learned that ily isn't a weird way to say 'really' and it actually stands for i love you so ive been using it wrong this entire time

Hey there! I'm Kyra and this is my bio! Yeah you know that line of words that you're reading right now? I wrote them. Thats right. Im literate.

But like... so are you if you can read this.

Shout out to you for knowing how to read amirite? Lookat you being a good student and paying attention in your classes.

Anyway lemme do a quick introduction about me so you know who I am.

My name is Charlie, I am a gal going into highschool and my favorite hobbies consist of pondering the meaning of life, reading hard and interesting literature, drawing, singing, writing poems, and playing chess.

I am one of the head Curators here on Warriors Amino, so if you have any issues feel free to come to me

You may now continue onwards to the bottom of my bio

Dear Vulpes,

Ive never had somebody on this amino stick with me as long as you have. You're an adorable little bundle of joy who im lucky to have the privilege of loving and sharing a balloon child with (who you killed brutally). Im really gay for you.

No homo tho




Fine, we're damaged

Really damaged

But that does not make us wise

We're not special, we're not different

We don't choose who lives or dies

- Heathers


I just want to feel okay again

Im a tall chubby female with no specific eye color and redish blonde hair




Kyra's daily schedule (MON - FRI)

Wake up at 6:30


Go to school

Come back around 3:45

Quick snack of carrots or something like that (dear Kyra, please resist the sugar snacks they make you sad)

Workout at 4:30 (come on Kyra lose that winter blubber)

Workout (turn on Miss Independent radio for this Kyra)

45 curl ups

1 minute plank

Do the painful leg things for your core 10 times even tho they kill you

15 pushups because Kyra is weak

Do a run around your block and once that doesn't knock the breath out of you, do two blocks

Come back and do a really short yoga session or something

45 curl ups again because S U F F E R

Take a quick break you weak human being

Eat some carrots

Pick between a 1 minute plank and a 1 minute wall sit as both are equally painful

This should be done at around 5:30

5:45 Kyra does, or is supposed to, do homework

6:30 study for finals

7:00 literally anything unless your room isn't clean then CLEAN IT YOU OVER DRAMATIC SLOTH KYRA

Info: Im a broken drama queen, sorry in advance!

Ive given you warnings ive given you signs

But you choose to ignore me

When lifes on the lines

STATUS: Every thought is a battle, every breath is a war. And I don't think I'm winning anymore.

I've come to realise that me as a person is not how people typically are. Ive come to realise that there actually is something wrong with me and that I will never be as successful, or happy, or even as physically stable as my peers. I used to wonder why I am like this but for now there's nothing I can do, and I know that no one will go the lengths that need to be taken for me to be a functioning and okay person. Normal people don't have personality resets, normal people can remember basic spelling, normal people can hold a conversation or learn when not to start one, normal people dont think about everything that they said wrong during a conversation or several years later, normal people dont get weighed down or quiet and saddened over nothing.

"People cry not because they're weak, but because they've been strong for too long"

"The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly"

Yay! Edgy quotes!

Parents: Wave (mom) Bright (dad)

Siblings: Twin sister Winter

Children: Firefly, Acrili, Ali

Adopted Children: Eqq

Husband: Saridlin

Wife: Winter

Dog: Wolf


Stuff I love with a passion: Wave, Firefly, Clockwork, Winter, Jag, Snow, Bright, Vulpes, Supportclan, FAIRYTAIL (THE ANIME, WHEN ARE THE NEXT EPISODES COMING OUT SHRIEK), Songs, music, boys, art, pink


*munch munch*

Me: *eating like... twelve bags of hot cheetows and funions

You: ....

Me: *whips around with funions stuffed in mouth*

Me: ...

Me: *choaks on funions*

Me: *casually lays against wall, putting on sunglasses* ey there, didn't see you there.

Me: *finds funion on shirt*

You: ....

Me: *gently puts funion in neck fat for later*



Heyo, my name is Kyra, medicine cat of Patrolclan

Ex leader of Supportclan

Ex warrior of Newsclan, MusicClan, and NameClan,

Ex med cat of Functionclan

Ex leader of TranslationCrew

Ex writer of Comicclan

And a Curator on Warriors Amino!


If you have the need to contact me, I might reply late since I'm working hard to make sure I'm successful in everything I do.


Also, please keep in mind that I might not remember you if we have talked before or you might have to repeat a few things in the conversation. I usually have a notepad to keep track of important details though. I have short term memory loss so just using my memory to keep track of things is difficult. Of course this doesn't mean I'll be asking you to repeat yourself a lot, it's just I'd like this said incase I do forget something about our conversations ^^ (this rarely ever happens, and if it does I can usually remember within a few minutes if I try.)

I'm not really good at these introduction things ya know... lol

Youtube: Kyra the kitty

Deviantart: Repip400

Skype: Repip4oo

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Сьюзан шла следом за ним, размышляя, по-прежнему ли Хейл прячется в Третьем узле. Свет от монитора Стратмора отбрасывал на них жутковатую тень. Сьюзан старалась держаться поближе к шефу на небольшой платформе с металлическими поручнями.

По мере того как они удалялись от двери, свет становился все более тусклым, и вскоре они оказались в полной темноте. Единственным освещением в шифровалке был разве что свет звезд над их головами, едва уловимое свечение проникало также сквозь разбитую стеклянную стену Третьего узла.

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