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Mng3702 Assignment 2 Bmis

MNG3702 Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB – Semester 1


MNG3702 Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB

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    • MNG302B_2010_Questions_posted_on_MyUnisa.doc
    • MNG302B_2011_S1_discussion_class_slides_Prof_P_Venter.pdf
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      • MNG302B_Strategic_Implmentation_1.2.doc
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Implmentation_1_1.doc
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Implmentation_2_3.doc
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Implmentation_4.1.doc
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Implmentation_4.2.doc
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Management_2_1.doc
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Management_Process.pdf
      • MNG302B_Strategic_Planning_Chapter_1.doc
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      • MNG302B_Exam_preparation.pdf
      • MNG302B_How_to_improve_memory.pdf
      • MNG302B_Managing_isolation_form_a_study_group.pdf
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    • mng3702_notes_1.1.pdf
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This Study Group has an in-house Academic Lecturer

MNG3702 Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB empowers learners with the necessary competencies (knowledge, values and skills) to interpret and implement strategic plans of their respective business units. Strategy implementation is foundational to successful business enterprises. With these competencies, learners will assist businesses to reach their goals. Successful businesses contribute to the well-being of communities and society in general. In this unit learners will deal with the implementation of strategic plans.

Prescribed book for MNG3702 Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB

AuthorEhlers, T
TitleStrategic Management – South African concepts and cases
Year Published2010
PublisherVan Schaik

Resources for MNG3702 Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB

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1) Introduction:In this assignment we will examine and analyse the core competencies of Walmart based on theinformation supplied in the Case study. Furthermore we will explain and discuss the role that aKnowledge Management system has with regards to the organisational learning process. We willclose off the assignment with a discussion of the business/organisational culture of Walmart andsupply examples for the case study to justify answers.2) Question 1Explain the strategic importance of core competencies, resources and capabilities in strategyimplementation. Use examples from the Walmart case study to support your explanation.2.1) Core competencies:Core competencies, also referred to as distinctive capabilities are those capabilities or competenciesthat distinguish an organisation from others in an industry and from the basis of its competitiveadvantage, strategy and performance. They are generally valuable, rare, costly to imitate, and non-substitutable. They may or may not be unique to the firm. They may simply be an industry practicethat a firm does better, or a set of industry practices the firm does in a specific combination orsequence that allows the firm to be more efficient than its competitors. Core competencies make adisproportionate contribution to customer value and the efficiency of its delivery, and serve as abasis for market entry. Core competencies that are internal strengths of an organisation enable it tocapitalise on opportunities that are identified in the environment.Some features of core competencies with examples from Walmart Case Study:Core competencies emerge within a firm over time. The CEO of Walmart, Sam Walton,opened the first Walmart in 1962 at the age of 44 in Rogers, Arkansas. Sam envisioned aretail business offering lower prices and great service. By consistently leading on price,Walmart has earned customers' trust.Core competencies are the capacity of an organization to take action.

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