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Nexus S Weak Wifi Solved Assignment

Are you among the many people to buy a fancy new Nexus 7, only to realize that the wifi reception on the tablet is comparable to a potato's? Or maybe you tablet took a tumble and now your bars have left you for dead? Well if either of these are are your case look no further.

This is a guide on how to fix the crappy wifi reception and transmission on your nexus 7.

What you'll need:
-Electronics opening tool (The kind meant for disengaging clips)
-Some small wire (I used 30 awg single-strand)
-Solder (And also preferably flux)
-Intermediate soldering skills

This guide will show you what I did to fix my Nexus 7's terrible wifi reception. One the tabs on my nexus was broken, causing a bad but still present wifi connection. Doing this will help you go from 1-2 bars to 3 or 4. For those more technically informed around 30-40db to 60-70db. When I look at my connection in dd-wrt the connection has gone from peaking at 20% to stable at 45% (the same as my laptop's connection mind you)

The magic thing to this fix? Soldering the points on the motherboard to the points on the case where the antenna is located. Normally this connection is with 2 gold tabs the touch the points on the back.

Start with the guide on ifixit.com. I tried to add a link but was not allowed too because I am a new member.
This is extremely easy to open and you would almost have to try to mess it up.

Once you have the tablet open you will see a few spots where there are the golden tabs that stick up. Also on the back there are contact points where these tabs meet. You will be joining the tabs to the pads with wire instead of just surface contact. Here you can see the side of the tablet where the wifi transmitter is. It is right of the battery and below the sticker with some barcodes. All you need to do is cut a couple wires an inch to two inches or so, and solder them to the tabs and then their corresponding pads on the backing.

I broke off my second tab as my first tab was already broken and no where to be found. I also added a little bit of hot glue to secure the wires and also to stop them from bridging the points.

This took me about 15 to open, do, and close up. When you are closing up the case just gently push the wires indside the case so they are not in the way of the clips.

I am not responsible if you mess up your device doing this. If you have any doubts please just send your tablet in for repair. That being said this is very easy and was of great benefit to me.

I tried to add pictures in the guide but since this is my first post I am not able too. I have them attached

02-04-2017 08:03 AM
  1. Hello all,

    I have had my GS4 a little over a year now and so far have really enjoyed the phone. However within the last day or two I have been experiencing WiFi problems which I have never had before. When standing right next to my TP-Link WDR3600 I have good signal, but when I walk 20 feet away, the signal drops to 0-1 bars. All other electronic devices in my house have 3-5 bars of WiFi regardless of where I stand in my house. My phone used to have great WiFi coverage, and now it sucks.

    When these issues arose I thought maybe I should update my phone from 4.3 to 4.4, however that did not fix anything. So far I have tried factory resetting my phone twice as well as clearing the cache. Nothing has worked. I know this is not a problem with my router as I am experiencing the problems on my WiFi at work and at a friends house.

    Any insight would be great. Thank you
  2. My story is the same is yours except I have been running 4.4 since it was available. I noticed the problem 2-3 days ago. It seemed to be resolved yesterday for about 6 hrs, but then right back to 0-1 bar of wifi signal. I have no idea on a solution.
  3. So I seem to have fixed the problem. I did a search for the wifi antenna location on the S4 (if you are looking at the back of the device it is located just below the top left screw) to see if it was a hardware issue. The website suggested "cleaning" the antenna so I merely rubbed a few times with my t-shirt. BOOM wifi signal back to normal. I haven't been out of the house to test it else wear , but it seems to be working fine now.

    Hope this helps!
  4. I ONLY took off the battery cover. I just rubbed the little plastic antenna area that is in the box in the first pic. Just to stress, I did not remove anything other that the battery cover.
  5. Sounds a little bit like magic. The truth might be that your antenna connector has loose contact. The antenna connector (pic 2) is a spring contact, which in my case was pressed down and had no contact. You have to remove the "midframe" (google for an unmounting guide)! Then slightly pull up the spring contact for the wifi antenna until it looks like the other spring contacts.
  6. 9
  7. its doing it to mine to my phone will not even work when im near the modem but everything else has great coneection
  8. I had the same exact issue and when I looked closer I saw one of the spring-like contacts was bent. You need to be careful it seems during reassembly to lay the back on and with the screen face down on a completely flat surface press straight down on ad many sides at once so the back goes straight down. That is what seemed to be the issue for me.
  9. Been having wifi signal issues as well, powered down the phone, removed the battery cover and wiped it off with tshirt. Replaced cover powered it up and wow!
    Before i cleaned it i had a bar or two showing on the wifi signal indicator, after full signal! Thanks for this!
  10. Hi guys !

    I'm new on forum I hae a SG 4 I 9505. I have a problem with wifi.. When I switchid on signal is low... I curently runs on lolipop.. If I downgrade to 4.4 can be better ?

    Thanks !

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